Noirwich & The Shortlist

Noirwich & The Shortlist

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If you follow me at all on social media it won’t have escaped your notice that I went to Noirwich last weekend. Norwich’s own crime writing festival is practically on my doorstep, and as I love reading crime fiction (among other genres I might add), attending seemed an obvious decision.

Noirwich is in it’s third year now, and while the first year I accidentally went (my hubby and I were at the Mark Billingham/Sophie Hannah night at Jarrold’s, not knowing that it was part of a bigger festival) the past two years have been great and this year was no exception. I purchased a season ticket, went to ALL of the events (a little exhausting for me, but I put that down to my residual M.E. if anything), and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

There were highlights in each event, but my favourites have to be:

  • Peter James’ event at Jarrold’s – very funny and entertaining – ‘write drunk, edit sober’
  • The plotting workshop with Julia Crouch – lovely lady, great to be in a room with other writers and learn a thing or two, while getting some words down on paper.
  • And the laugh out loud funny evening with Sophie Hannah & Denise Mina.


Another reason this year’s Noirwich stood out for me was a few days before it kicked off, I found out I’d been shortlisted for the Noirwich micro-crime-fiction-writing-competition – wow. Hoped for, but not expected.


I also had to keep it to myself – I was officially under ‘a strict embargo’


The winner was announced at the Bloody Brunch – the last event of the festival – and to say I was nervous is an understatement… Thankfully, I didn’t win – yep, I actually mean that. I entered hoping I’d be shortlisted, hoping to have strangers – who don’t have to be nice about my work – say they like my writing and it’s ‘good enough’. Even if it was on a small (500 words) scale, I made it. Out of about 150 entries my piece made it through to the ’50 longlist’, the ’30 longlist’, the ’15 longlist’ and then to the final ‘shortlist of 4′. It was said the judges found it hard to make those cuts and choose the final winner – I suspect all judges say that, but I’m VERY happy to have made it to the shortlist; I am encouraged ~ there may be something to this’ becoming a writer’ thing after all.

Also, having not won means I’m free to share my short story with you much sooner. So, if you’d like to read my shortlisted story about finding justice; crime fiction readers… click here: Corpus Delicti.

Thanks for reading


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  1. Oooh really like it (and not just because the EDP gets a mention). The ending actually sent a chill down my spine.

    • Thank you Tara, not only for taking the time to read it, but for commenting. I’m glad you liked it!

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